Michael Kharabrin

Experiencing a constant need for fresh  quality music, I’ve always wanted to create a platform where people could learn about new music releases, but not about all, but only about the most worthy and really deserving attention. The history of the Lovely Music Radio project began in October 2017, when we’ve created an Instagram page @lovelymusicradio, on which almost every day I’m publishing information about the best new music releases. Then I also announced that the musicians can send their new releases so that I can promote them on our page. Thanks to an eleven thousandth audience of the account, as many people as possible could learn about the works of not very well-known musicians. Having received a tremendous response and a huge number of requests from musicians, and also considering the limits of Instagram, where it is impossible to publish full new music releases, I also thought that it is convenient to let people know about new quality music and give them opportunity to listen to this music via Internet broadcasting.

So I started working on creating an Internet radio station. It was quite difficult to understand all the nuances of setting up and promoting the station, filling it with content, but the result is worth the effort. To date, the people listen our radio in 211 countries all around the world and this number continues to grow. I’m very pleased with such stats and continue  developing project every day, selecting only good music for broadcasting, as well as informing you about new music in Instagram and Facebook.

Lovely Music Radio is not just a radio where new releases sound. Only the best indie, pop-rock, alternative, lounge, rock music is on the air. Every half hour on the air sound really fresh music releases, including those published on our Instagram page.

You can easily find the radio station in most popular radio applications for iOS or Android – TuneIn Radio, myTuner Radio, Radioline, radio.net, Simple Radio (Radio FM on Android), PCRadio (Radio Online on Android), Radio Garden – just type in the search ‘Lovely Music Radio’ (see also page Apps And Links). I’m also working to make the radio available in other applications. To listen to the radio on a PC without using a browser, I recommend downloading the program RadioSure, it’s really very convenient.

It should be also mentioned that the bitrate of our broadcasting is 256 kbps, which means that the quality of the broadcast is not inferior to the extreme sound quality on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other music services, while the vast majority of Internet radio stations broadcasts at 128, 96 kbps and even less.

Follow the project on Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud and Spotify.

If you are a musician, performing Indie, Pop-Rock, Alternative English-language melodic music, send your fresh releases to this e-mail. I select only the best music, and maybe your songs should sound on the radio.